About Us

Welcome to Career Square!

Career Square is a fresh, renewed platform for employers to find career seekers and vice versa. Our focus for employers is for long term employment, reducing turnover rates and hiring costs. Our emphasis for job seekers is to become career pursuers. Instead of individuals searching simply for employment to get by, we strive to help them find their dreams and ambitions through their desired occupation or profession.  In addition to this, we also have a course section that allows career seekers and potential students to find education courses. Whether searching for advanced degrees, continuing education courses, or professional development, we are focused on helping career minded individuals find solutions to their edification needs.


Many employers choose Career Square for its affordability, convenience and results!

Job Seekers

Candidates have the ability to search careers and apply via Application, Linkedin, Facebook or Xing (depending on employers choice) all while all their mobile device.

More About Us?

Career Square’s mission is to provide employers, career seekers and schools a platform to turn their dreams into reality. Whether a startup business or a fortune 100 company, the goal is the same: to expand and find highly motivated and skilled employees. For Job Seekers of any age and skill level the objective is similar, to find a career that suits their talents, dreams and interests. Career Square provides that platform providing affordable, elegant solutions that sets new standards for the employment recruitment process.

Be Different-

We are not afraid of being a little different; different with our public beliefs, with our designs, our concepts, and how we are viewed. Our customers are everything to us, as without you there is no us. Why does the status quo have to be dull and boring? We flipped the status quo to be different, unique, fun and fresh.

Empower Companies-

Every CEO has a mission for their company. About 99% of the time, that dream counts on stable, highly skilled employees to achieve that mission. We strive to help companies find those individuals. How do we do it? By just paying attention to our own needs as a company and putting that experience into everything we do on Career Square.


We aim to make the hiring process as affordable and simple as possible.


We constantly modify our systems. We eliminate unnecessary items, and streamline procedures as demand increases and trends change.


As we grow as a company and develop our user base, we believe strongly in investing back into the company. Creating better, more optimized systems that makes it easier, more efficient and of course more elegant to navigate and use the site, means better service for you!

Customer Support-

We strongly believe in providing top notch customer support. We provide paid training to our customer support representatives to provide you the best experience possible. Currently our support team is available Monday through Friday.

Christian Values-

We strive to operate with integrity and trust in all we do. We strive to honor God and be respectful of each other, our customers and anyone involved with our company. We mean what we say and say what we do. We have faith each and every day for innovation, ideas, creativity and more wonderful customers like you.

We believe in achieving the unachievable and believing for the impossible. Anything and Everything is possible and we are set out to do just that with innovative ideas and unbelievable creativity! Each and every change we make is to better Career Square and the customers’ use of the site.

Our Job Market Focus

Healthcare, Nursing, Physicians80%
Massage and Spa35%
Customer Support49%
All Others30%